Six Hurdles Encountered During Dissertation Writing
Jun 28, 2019

“Sometimes the hurdles aren`t really hurdles at all. They`re welcome challenges, tests.”

‘Paul Walker’

Nearly every student fights with the dissertation at any point. It’s not just you who are feeling lost and enduring all the pains in writing the dissertation but almost everyone has to go through some difficult situations while processing it. So cheer up, as you are not alone in this journey! There are several hurdles which might block your way during dissertation which are listed below but the good news is that the solutions to those problems are also there which you should promptly act upon. So let’s explore!

Coping up with the deadline

One of the biggest fears of writing down a dissertation is completing it within the deadline. Majority of students get bewildered and anxious whether they would be able to finish the desired work on time and consequently, this dread leads them nowhere and they keep on wasting time. One of the possible solutions to this problem is the accurate handling of time and work. It is better to organise a time schedule in which you have to divide the tasks in different time period according to the deadline. After making a proper pattern, stick to it and follow it with dedication. Subsequently, you will not face any kind of problem after implementing this way also; your work will be accomplished before time.

Seeking pertinent data

Gathering relevant data is an essential part of literature review. A good literature review is critically analysed, easily comprehensible, and full of relevant published researches related to the topic. In other words, you have to explore a massive amount of factual data for your study so that you can relate with it, as dissertation requires discovering new things based on the old ones. This problem can be tackled by first writing down the main concepts of your study in a notebook and then searching those concepts in the form of short phrases and synonyms on the internet. After doing so, you would select the useful and effective data among the results for your study and then dig out the significant elements from them. For instance, the methodology implied, the findings etc. By following these easy steps, you can explore and assemble a good amount of relevant data for your study.

Giving references

This is also one of the difficulties you can face when finalising things for your dissertation. Students usually do this blunder to fill their work with a lot of direct quotes without summarising the authentic work of different authors. In this manner, their skills to do critical analysis conceals and this lacking can result in deduction of grades. Moreover, students also encounter hurdles in giving references, and in this matter, you are heartily welcome to seek aid or any kind of guidance from online dissertation as here you can avail the benefits of a complete written dissertation at very affordable and cheap prices. Apart from this, you can also look for Simple techniques of doing basic APA referencing in a dissertation to get basic guidance about APA referencing.

Doing academic writing

Furthermore, academic writing is necessary for dissertation but some of the students are not able to do so and they use improper language which becomes the cause of acquiring low grades. In that case, you should use that language which sounds appropriate to the readers and they could easily grab the understanding without any sort of obstacle. Moreover, you must refer to Essential guidance to do academic writing for detailed assistance and pieces of advice about academic writing.

Dealing with supervisor

Now this is quite a general issue which is suffered by almost every student during dissertation. How to deal with this problem? There is no particular solution to it, as you have to remain flexible and persistent throughout your research. If your supervisor is not taking you seriously or creating problems for you through rude behaviour or any other action then all you can do is to remain patient and relaxed since things are not controlled by you in this matter. You can also take help from co-supervisor (if available) or any other teacher whom you can rely on. Besides, always share and discuss things with your peer or any family member who comprehends the nature of your study. Consequently, things will be clearer to you and you won’t be absolutely at the mercy of your supervisor if you both lack good communication.

Feeling strained

Additionally, try to compose yourself throughout the dissertation, as feeling anxiety and pressure is common and normal during this time period. Devote yourself in the study and try to put best efforts in it without creating any panic for yourself. Moreover, collaborate with your friends or family member so that they can counsel and motivate you to carry out your study diligently. In the end, you will realize that all these ways are really beneficial to write a good dissertation with dedication.