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Overview of dissertation

A dissertation refers to an original and extensive research project that should be completed according to the requirements of doctoral degree. Most of the students have to prepare their dissertations at the end of their undergraduate program. Moreover, the students of postgraduate such as M.Phil or PhD have to deal with dissertation writing on a frequent basis. Dissertation writing includes the identification of the research questions, conduction of a literature review, accurate research methodology employment, analysis and collection of data and the presentation of findings in detailed documents in writing. Dissertation writing provides an overview of the ability of the candidate to conduct the research independently. Moreover, it also contributes new insights or knowledge to the field and critical engagement with the existing scholarship. It includes multiple chapters including a literature review, introduction, methodology, result, discussion, final words and appendix.
Apart from that, there are three main methods of research on which a dissertation is based.

  • Qualitative method
  • Quantitative method
  • Triangulation method

Our process of writing a dissertation

In the entire process of dissertation writing, we take care of the requirements of the students and prepare your dissertation in an academic manner which is appropriate and acceptable throughout the world. We have the best educationist writers who have the command of writing dissertations. All of our writers have completed their education and have the degrees of PhD as you know the PhD degree contains numerous dissertations to be done therefore, we have the experts of research. This is the process which we follow at the time of writing your dissertation.

Chapter I

In the first step, we initiate your dissertation with the introduction. In the heading of the introduction, we add some other headings such as:

  • Background
  • Problem statement
  • Objectives research
  • Research question
  • Topic significance
  • Scope and limitations
  • Structure of dissertation

This section contains all the points demonstrated above and this whole process is enough to explain the significance and the topic itself.

Chapter II

In the second step, we start writing the literature review which is the most appropriate part of any dissertation. In the literature review, we add the previous research in the relevant topic for the research relevant areas of the multiple types of research in your topic of dissertation. In this way, your dissertation and research get ranked by the educational institutes and publishing houses.
Here are the subheadings which we add in the chapter on literature review.

  • Theoretical framework
  • Conceptual framework
  • Review of study
  • Key studies
  • Identification of research gaps

Chapter III

After that, we initiate Chapter 3 with the research methodology in which we demonstrate the method of conducting the whole research. Some of the significant headings of this section include:

  • Population and sampling
  • Data Collection Method
  • Research Design
  • Data Collection Techniques
  • Ethical consideration

Chapter IV

In the 4th chapter, we demonstrate the analysis of the data that student conduct at the time of conducting their research. While analysing the data, we add some other headings to demonstrate the writing of the dissertation.

  • Description sample
  • Implications of finding
  • Data analysis process
  • Result
  • Practical application
  • Result implication
  • Theoretical implication

Chapter V

After conducting the whole data analysis, we move ahead towards a conclusion. The information and main idea of the entire dissertation is summarised in the conclusion. You can easily portray the whole purpose and the findings of your dissertation in this section. This section also contains some other significant headings such as:

  • Study summary
  • Study conclusion
  • Recommendation

Chapter VI

The final section of most of the research is referenced in which different bibliographies and citations taken from the multiple research and researchers are demonstrated. The style of referencing in the whole dissertation is right according to your instructions. After that, we put all the in-text citations in your dissertation and then added references to it in our bibliography section.

Chapter VII

If the research is quantitative, then there must be some appendices at which you have collected the information and data. Therefore, this section or chapter of the dissertation is comprised of the appendices which contain questionnaire or survey instruments. Apart from that, it also contains interview guides or supplementary materials.

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How can I write my dissertation?

Dissertation writing is not a piece of cake and students have to go to extra miles for writing their dissertation. You need to do complete research on your topic and then collect the information. It is better for you to initiate your dissertation with introduction your dissertation and scope of the question and then start the literature review. After that, remaining sections of the dissertation should be catered and your dissertation will move ahead.

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