The Aftermaths of the Covid-19 at the Education of UK
Jun 12, 2020

As the outbreak of the novel COVID-19 spreads predominantly all around the world, it engulfs every domain of the country into its calamities. Where every other discipline is being influenced significantly, the education system also receives a phenomenal decline. The universities of the UK have closed the campuses to maintain the concept of social distancing. In this dramatic situation, the Higher Education has switched to online education where the students are provided all the lectures, writing tasks, and assessment virtually. Since there is no prediction as to when the current pandemic state of the country would halt, the learning and teaching process could not be neglected or taken granted. Therefore, innovative methods and new resources have substituted the former ones that are being accessed by educators and students.

Additionally, the impacts of the pandemic fall greater on the education sector of the country as the majority of the students are oblivious of the correct usage of the education system. They are uncertain about their studies like whether they would be examined or not. Along with this, most of the students were dependent on their future academic results to elevate their average performance or to fulfil their specific degrees. The biggest hindrance of all comes in the shape of less accessibility of using technologies and resources to connect to the online education system. Not every student is beatified with advanced tools and materials to increase their knowledge. In this manner, students are suffering highly in different ways. Another critical issue which comes in the way is taking an online assessment. If the understanding and skills of the students would be analysed through online examination mode, the chances of plagiarism would increase to a great extent. However, through proper planning and discussion, the best way out would be that students would be given a flexible pattern of the online assessment and the format of the papers would also be feasible. Moreover, as far as the issue of the plagiarism is concerned, the examination would be based on the format of an open book and cover the consolidated concepts of the course material primarily. Hence, universities would sort out the complex obstacles sooner by implementing better approaches. 

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