Basic Steps of Concluding the Dissertation
Jul 03, 2019

Are you winding up your dissertation and got stuck in the end pondering how to conclude it justly? Or are you puzzled that what elements would make a good conclusion in your dissertation? If these are the reasons which are waking you up the whole night and terrifying you like a horrible nightmare then you must say goodbye to them, as after reading this blog, you’ll get splendid ways of dealing them! Apart from this, do not hesitate to reach best dissertation help provider as we really take pleasure in sorting out your problems by offering you assistance in dissertation writing, so don’t miss the opportunity and promptly grab our amazing services!

Additionally, you should be cheerful instead that you are about to accomplish your work successfully and it’s just a piece of cake which is remaining to write down. Therefore, let’s delve down to grab some beneficial ideas!

Reword everything

The essential element of penning down a consolidate conclusion is to reword the important details which should trigger in the mind of the readers that on what grounds the whole dissertation is. It comprises of the topic of your study, the methodologies you have implemented for the collection of data, and especially the foremost thing that is the findings to your study. This definitely does not mean that you have to explain everything in depth; of course, you have already done this in the previous chapters where it was mandatory to do. Instead, in this section, you would be just summarising the details in a concise manner. When the word ‘concise’ appears, it refers to the briefing of any detailed point but here make sure that you are not missing out anything. An example has also been given to make your concepts clear.

“The current research has explored the preference of students in terms of reading through print book and e-book and the effect of the respective formats on them. The findings have shown that majority of students tend to choose e-book for their academic and non-academic purposes as compared to the print book. Moreover, due to numerous advantages like accessibility, portability, innovative features, new strategies, increasing reading and learning and reading speed, cost-free, providing adequate and pertinent information etc., Students have preferred to opt for e-book in this modern era as they are more aware of accessing and handling the technological device.”

Give significance to ethical consideration

You should not forget paying importance to the ethical consideration section as it deals with the norms and values of the research. Moreover, it also focuses on the distinction between what is acceptable and what is not within the dissertation. The research could not be carried out if you have not followed the rules on which ethical considerations lie since the primary goal of the research is to explore knowledge based on truth and facts. It does not allow any involvement of false or fake data. Moreover, it also possesses many factors such as the confidentiality of participants, copyright issues, etc. Keep it brief but pertinent to your study. An example is given below of how to write this particular section:

“All ethical considerations have been followed. This research was carried through the informed consent form signed by the head and permission had been taken before conducting the interviews. Moreover, confidentiality and anonymity were assured to all the participants before data collection and they could withdraw from it at any point. This research has not been plagiarized and all the quotations are properly cited with reference.”

End with recommending

In the nutshell, you have to conclude your dissertation with a suitable recommendation related to your work. In this section, you should provide a better picture to the readers that your study has not put an end on the area of your research but has rendered ways of expanding and exploring it with assorted aspects. Also, mention that who could be benefited through your work and what changes could be made in it in the future. Following is an example of this part:

“This study focuses on the preference and usage patterns of the students in reading at university level; it can be explored at primary and secondary levels. Through this research, online publishing companies can get the help of boosting up and upgrading the facility of e-books with improved features which might be helpful for the learning of students.”