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The Primary Concepts and Theories of Marketing

Marketing is a vast discipline that has strongly positioned itself in the contemporary industry which is why a large fraction of students is pursuing the marketing management degree from well-known academic places of the UK. Marketing is referred to as the process of producing effective goods, services, and products for the customers and consumer, then delivering them through the right channels to the right audience. It incorporates different tools and techniques that generate traffic on the sales and maximise benefits of the particular business. However, most of the people have this assumption that sales and marketing are the same concepts, yet they are mistaken here. Marketing deals with the way an organisation interacts with the audience and represents the value of the service or product to them so that they could buy it out of sheer interest and facility. On the contrary, sales are the concept that is linked with the selling of the product, idea, or service of the organisation. In addition to this, the term marketing holds the phenomenon of rendering the exact good or product to the potential consumer who needs it. Therefore, to commence the process of communication with the customers, the organisation needs to implement productive strategies of marketing that are discussed below.

To establish long-term bonding with the customers, organisations focus on their needs and wants. This is the core aspect of marketing and along with it, certain theories are practised by those organisations to improve their sales. The five major theories of marketing are named as:

  • The production concept

  • The production concept initiated from the era of the Industrial Revolution and extended to the late 1920s. It underpins the concept that businesses manufacture products in a bulk quantity that are cheap and predominantly used by the population. The products introduced to the consumers through this theory are highly affordable and accessible. However, this theory does not address the needs of the customers fully and businesses assume that the customers are only interested in the availability of the products no matter they are useful or not. On the whole, this concept encompasses production, manufacturing, and availability of the products. The drawback of production concept is that while generating a colossal quantity of products, the companies do not pay attention to the overall quality of the features. Also, these kinds of products might have customer service issues that bore them no fruits. Since the core aspect of marketing is to provide complete customer’s satisfaction to the buyers and if they fail to meet or exceed their expectations, then the effectiveness of that product and fascination of the customer would soon fade. Therefore, the production concept works great for businesses who want to increase their sales by delivering low-quality and inexpensive products in the market.

  • The product concept

  • The product concept is attached to the assumption that the consumers need elite quality products and the elements of availability and affordability do not matter to them. As a result, the businesses do not emphasise the rates of the product and set them on fire. In this manner, they fail to meet the demands of the consumers since they solely accentuate the factor of quality while manufacturing the products and services. Whereas, consumers do not find them riveting or striking centred on their preferences that include availability, durability, pricing structure, innovation, etc. The suitable example of the product concept is the renowned Apple Company that makes trends in the whole industry by showcasing their potentials with highly featured and advanced products.

  • The selling concept

  • Unlike the product and production concepts, the selling concept truly concentrates on the sales and distribution of the products that are being manufactured by the companies. The chief motive of the selling concept is to double up the number of sales and promote the value of their product on a bigger picture where they would not back away to spend millions. However, this theory does not consider the requirements and wants of the consumers yet the only element that is highlighted by marketers is large-scale selling and promotion. Moreover, this is an aggressive strategy since it has risks and does not care about customer relationships. One of the best examples of selling concept is the ads that are broadcasted on the TV channels whose purpose is to grow their sales transactions rapidly without thinking about other important factors.

  • The marketing concept

  • The marketing concept prevails the needs and wants of the consumers in the first place. The businesses who practise the marketing concept within their workplace put the prerequisites of the consumer foremost. To them, the need of the consumer is everything. They research, plan, organise, produce, and deliver the quality products that the consumer desires. Additionally, the marketing concept carries different strategies that are quite profitable in grabbing the attention and interest of the audience to buy their products. Unlike the selling concept, the marketing concept is wholly based on customer satisfaction and paying significance to their wants. The companies who follow this approach focus on the production of the right services for the right audience so that they could make the most of their ideas. In this manner, the marketing concept creates a firm and healthy bonding between the marketers and buyers by offering them their coveted services.

  • The societal marketing concept

  • The societal marketing concept is a brand new philosophy that incorporates covering the wants of the consumers, exhibiting the value of the products, and taking care of the well-being of customers and society as one unit. It applies the mindset that human welfare should be focused on and benefited through the production of valuable products. Therefore, the societal marketing concept gives importance to the public interest, consumer satisfaction, and company’s benefits.

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  • Top 5 ways to enhance customer’s loyalty and trust.
  • The smart 10 features of digital marketing influencing the world.
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  • The pros and cons of advertisement marketing strategy across the globe.

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