How to Avoid Plagiarism in the Dissertation
Nov 05, 2019

When a student confronts the dissertation during his academic life, he often gets baffled since it turns out to be quite demanding for him to carry out the research process and inscribe the data in his own words in the dissertation. As a consequence, the student becomes bound to commit blunders by plagiarising the work.

It has been observed that every now and then, students are engulfed in doing copy-paste the exact material rather than doing critical thinking and blending their own genuine ideas in their work. However, when a student copies the original data from any authentic source, then it comes into serious plagiarism which leads to severe penalties by the academic institute. Hence, plagiarism connects with the sheer stealing of someone’s ideas and perceptions. Therefore, what are the proper ways by which you could abstain yourself from plagiarising the work in your own dissertation and crafting the content with uniqueness and originality? This article would answer the question by presenting the top 5 ways of escaping from the trap of plagiarism and generating an exceptional dissertation, thus let’s dive deeper:

Dig up a colossal amount of data

The best way to escape from the deception of plagiarism is to begin earlier the task of exploring massive amounts of data and facts for the dissertation. When you would have enormous and pertinent information for your study, then the chances of plagiarism would lessen. In addition, the biggest mistake which usually the majority of students do is that they assume that just one or two references are sufficed for the study; however, this concept is absolutely wrong. If just one reference has been manifested in the whole study, then the rate of plagiarism gets on fire. Therefore, to avoid this issue, the appropriate solution is to embody as many references as you could in your dissertation by adhering firmly to the rules. In this manner, your dissertation would mirror perfection and professionalism both.

Pay immense emphasis on paraphrasing

Paraphrasing does not mean that you are free to reword the whole paragraph exactly in the same pattern in your study. You have to focus greatly while paraphrasing any source and the wise way to do so is to read the particular text, grasp the implied concept, build a consolidated and relevant theory in your mind, visualize the structure, and then write in down using your own words and imagination. Moreover, you could only use around two words of the original text in your study hence, if you feel that the words are getting repeated then, it’s better to formulate the entire text again with a new thinking pattern and grammatical structure. Therefore, without changing the meaning and re-establishing the whole context comes in the art of paraphrasing.

Citing and quoting properly

If some beneficial and intriguing information catches your eyes and you are compelled to include that data in your dissertation with the purpose of substantiating the entire context, then you need to cite or quote the work accurately by following the particular format which your university suggests, for instance, APA, Harvard, Chicago, etc. Additionally, certain rules are entailed in adding citations or quotations within the text, for example, the structure of references. Hence, use the proper format of giving references or quotations so that you could not be accused of plagiarism.

Organising the reference list

Another key element is the arranging of a precise reference list at the last of the dissertation which encompasses the in-text citations and quotations you have employed in the study. Moreover, you are supposed to keep the list completely perfect and it should meet the details of the references used in the study. Likewise, every format has a varied structure of the reference list thus; make sure you are implementing that particular order. Equipped with the correct author name, year of publication, the title of the source, journal name, page number (issue number), date of retrieval and URL, the proper usage of the style of APA referencing helps in avoiding plagiarism to a great extent.

Proofreading the entire work

The last yet not the least thing involves giving a double-check to the whole work by proofreading it thoroughly. Moreover, the best dissertation proofreading service is always round the clock available to aid you out in a flawless manner by scrutinizing the plagiarism rate with the help of advanced plagiarism-checker tools, fixing it and refining the complete dissertation with their expertise. Therefore, do not forget to polish your dissertation since the excessive rate of plagiarism can exploit your degree and career too.