Jun 17, 2019

Are you heading towards the last semester of high school or any academic program? If so, then get ready, since you will be accomplishing capstone project soon! Now, what is a capstone project? The answer to this is not that difficult but majority of the students consider it as a burden or an enormous problem. On the other hand, it has many advantages since it helps a student to showcase his devotion and efforts in his academic field and his career too. There are several terms for this project, for instance, capstone experience, senior exhibition etc. However, usually, the term which is used widely is ‘Capstone Project.’ It is known as a multifaceted assignment that renders as a culminating academic and intellectual experience for students in the form of presentation, product, or performance.

Capstone Project vs. Thesis

A capstone project is similar to a thesis but the time interval varies between them as a capstone project is investigated in detail and possesses many forms while a thesis is represented in a form of report or discussion. Moreover, a thesis is conducted individually and you have to produce the result on your own; on the contrary, a capstone project can be performed individually or in a group. The various forms of it could include, short film, paper multimedia, scientific study, presentation etc. Capstone project comprises of many aspects, which mainly include different pieces of knowledge that a student has to assemble and then represent in his academic as well as in career life too. On the other hand, a thesis is an externally focused exercise which intends to contribute to the chosen field itself. On the whole, it can be said that capstone project is a student-oriented project while thesis could be called discipline-oriented research.

Selection of Topic

Furthermore, the topic you should select for a capstone project must be narrow as choosing a vast topic will require more expertise and detailed analysis, along with that it would need time for the readers to comprehend the knowledge. It should be based on your interest as weak topics on which you do not hold command, might result in getting bad grades. Apart from this, the topic which you are going for must contain relevant literature and background information. However, you should be very careful in selecting a good topic for a capstone project in which you are ready to delve and work deeply and properly.

Significance of Capstone Project

Capstone project is enriched with diverse benefits which are valuable for the students in every way. The fundamental purposes of capstone project are to enable students to analyse and think critically, encounter and solve challenging hurdles or situations, develop diverse skills such as researching, critical analysis, communication skills, and project management. Furthermore, the student should be aware of how to apply skills and discover issues related to different domains or subject areas of knowledge. Additionally, if you are working individually then it boosts up your creativity level since you would be the one who will take decisions for the project and you will master it. In this manner, you will gain confidence, and become more motivated towards your goals. As compared to other courses, this project is more demanding because it is more challenging and requires immense dedication. Moreover, if a student is unfocused or indecisive as far as his studies are concerned, this project provides him courage and ideas to plan for his career goals and objectives. There are many other pros of it as the student becomes more independent, ambitious and knows how to fulfil commitments on time. It also enhances leadership qualities within a person, as he knows how to deal with responsibilities wisely.

All in all, considering all the effective features discussed above, capstone project should not be taken as any problem but you should try to focus on the bright side of it instead. It is a symbol of a crown that gleams on your head after the completion of the project and it demonstrates that you have finally achieved your degree with dedication and hard work. Besides, there can be many other reasons why you think capstone project as a difficulty and if you need any assistance or you are inquisitive about it, then complete my capstone project is always there to provide you with a top-notch capstone project just on time!