The Best Guidance to Write a Thesis Statement in Research Paper
Nov 15, 2019

Being an undergrad or masters student, you need to pen down immeasurable research papers, essays, dissertations, and whatnot! Have you ever thought about what makes your paper well defined and finely structured?

Do you give significance to the thesis statement in your research papers and other academic writing stuff like that? Well, as far as the answers to the above questions are concerned, we assume that it must be a solitary one and that is, NO. Since students are rarely taught how to write an essay or research papers, this is the main root where they are seen engulfed in different snags of writing and creating a current among their paragraphs. Likewise, when they come across any academic writing task, then it becomes quite baffling for them to write it with an organised flow. Therefore, we have come up with some really effective ways of introducing thesis statement in writing such as dissertation, essay, research papers, thesis, etc. together with examples. Oh, and yes, if you feel that you need a helping hand in shaping the thesis statement for your research paper, or you would like to have some professional tips regarding it then, feel free to land on the write my dissertation page. However, let’s get started on the thesis statement!

What is a thesis statement?

A thesis statement comes in the initial part of a research paper or at the introductory part of it. In addition, it gives the paper an appropriate approach that provides the entire paper in a precise direction. On the other hand, those students who do not focus on making the thesis statement, their papers are not regarded as professional and scholarly. In other words, the right thesis statement can make your research paper and the wrong one can break your research paper.

The significance of a thesis statement

What makes a research paper shine? Of course, it is the thesis statement that belongs to the introduction part and the aim of crafting is to compose the main essence of the whole paper in a few lines. Once the reader sets his eyes upon it, he could instantly grab the gist of the work that what the paper entails throughout. Moreover, the points listed below shows the importance of a thesis statement so have a look below:

  • The thesis statement foreshadows the overall concept of your paper.
  • It helps mainly in formulating the objective of the paper.
  • It establishes argument (if any) in the paper that allows the readers to go with the flow.
  • It distinguishes and determines the position and nature of the paper.
  • It renders a concise summary of your arguments or the key aspects which you intend to cover in the paper.
  • Your paper looks focused and well-structured if it contains a strong thesis statement.

What makes your thesis statement look flawless?

Do you want to know the recipe for acing your paper with a gripping thesis statement? Oh yes, you are interested, thus dive below:

  • Brainstorming
    The more you would probe in your topic, the better ideas would dawn upon your thinking. Therefore, the foremost element is research and research!

  • Coherence
    The second thing is the logical connection between the points of the thesis statement. You should remember to relate the whole body with the thesis statement with coherence.

  • Pertinence
    If your thesis statement is either too long or short then make it balanced. You should know that your research paper should hold the attention of the readers rather than considering it trivial. Thus, keep your statement succinct and relevant.

The top 3 ways of perfecting your thesis statement

  • Expand the context on the basis of your thesis statement
    The first tip is very profitable, it says that you should summarise the overall theme of the paper into a couple of sentences that incorporate a succinct and to the point topic. In this manner, when you would inscribe the main body, then you would have an idea of what to discuss and what supporting evidence would the paragraph include. Simply put, extract the general idea from the thesis statement, and then go ahead with the context.

  • Create a research question
    You can also write your thesis statement in the shape of a research question. This tip is very advantageous since coming up with a research question is not that challenging, you just have to understand the topic of the paper and form a suitable research question comprising all the components.

  • Involve supporting points
    By adding supporting facts and figures in the thesis statement, you add value and conformity in your context. Hence, a thorough and good research would let you pick out the most relatable supporting details which you could easily blend and adjust with your thesis statement to refine it`s quality.

All in all, by following those productive tips, you would definitely comprehend how to structure the thesis statement for your paper easily. In case, if you don’t, then feel free to interact with us here.

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